About GunFire


In this post I’ll write info about our game GunFire. Its 2D top-down real-time multiplayer shooter designed for mobile including bots, map editor,different weapons and other features.


I started working on this project about 6 months ago with a guy. We started from scratch i.e writing code from scratch, creating textures/sprites from scratch.

GunFire initial stage

After that there were lots of changes, at start we were using TCP for reliability and maps and transferring maps between client and server but later we switched to UDP because TCP was not for real-time multiplayer games.

After that we added some much things like loads of weapons, a working game play (Death Match),Bots, Shop, maps , and multiplayer features like Lobby, Finding match e.t.c.

GunFire Shop

Map Editor

About 5-6 weeks ago I started working on a map editor for GunFire, It includes different features like entities, tile properties, it exports map as a file, it is designed for GunFire but later I’ll add some features to export maps to other games too.At this stage Map editor supports following entities:

  • Spawn Areas
  • Teleport
  • Platform
  • Turret
GunFire Map Editor


At current stage of game multiplayer is working, Local and Online too. But the multiplayer code is not stable as it does not match the way game is designed, We need to send map files between server and clients, we need reliability which UDP doesnot care. I am working on “Reliable UDP” not only for GunFire but for every game that uses UDP and also a multiplayer framework “UDPN” which I’ll use in GunFire and some other games.


I’ll post more about GunFire , in the end here is short gameplay video with bots.



Thank you for reading.



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